11/10/2010 07:42 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Denver One Of Nation's Most Relaxed Cities: Forbes

After analyzing data in six different stress-causing areas, Forbes has confirmed what Denverites could already have told you: Denver is one of America's most relaxed cities.

Denver was number six in Forbes's ranking of the most relaxed metropolitan areas in the country.

The Denver area scored points for its relatively low unemployment rate, and for having one of the highest percentages of citizens who exercise.

The city's lowest rank came in the area of health care accessibility. Denver ranks 24 out of the most populated 40 cities in the country in this category.

The American Psychological Association (APA) released results of its own stress study on Tuesday.

The study found that, in Denver, stress levels are down from 2009, but stress-related health problems persist.

"It's good news to see that fewer people in the region are reporting such high levels of stress, especially since we know there is a strong connection between chronic stress and serious health problems," said Dr. Stephanie Smith of the Colorado Psychological Association, part of the APA. "But it's also alarming that so many people report health problems and that they struggle with adopting the necessary lifestyle changes that can improve their health."

The study found that, in 2010, work, money and the economy were the top cited causers of stress, even though three-fourths of Denver residents say they are satisfied with their jobs--an increase from last year.