11/11/2010 05:37 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

A New View Of Lower Manhattan: The Downtownfrombehind Project (PHOTOS)

Among the thousands of street photographers in New York, Bridget Fleming has managed to achieve something new. Her project downtownfrombehind is comprised of a series of photographs that feature her subjects riding their bikes along some of the 200+ streets in Lower Manhattan. The catch is that Bridget photographs the riders from behind.

Whether it is an event planner biking with a bouquet of flowers or a couple playfully riding next to one another, her subjects personify New York City and its eclectic inhabitants, and her photographs reveal a fleeting moment, now passed.

Scroll through these photos from downtownfrombehind and vote for your favorite!

New Views Of Manhattan From Downtownfrombehind (PHOTOS)