11/30/2010 04:51 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

From Hotels To Bars, 13 Chilly Sights Made Of Ice (PHOTOS)

Winter is fast-approaching and that means, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, that it's time for the snow to start falling and ice structures to start being made.

Certain climates have a leg up on places such as, say, New York, but hotels and spaces made of ice are becoming increasingly more common. The Ice Hotel in Sweden has long been a famous fixture on the wintertime scene. Now there are replicas and new uses for ice around the world, from bars (thanks to Ice Bar, a chain started by, you guessed it, Absolut Vodka) to "palaces."

Check out these 13 uses for ice around the world. Have you been to a cool ice hotel or ice bar (or even ice palace or museum)? Send us your photos!

Ice Hotels