12/01/2010 09:09 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Four Loko Raids CLOSES Down Xiao Ye For Good

Remember Eddie Huang? A month ago, when slamming Four Loko was all the rage among politicians and lawmakers, he flouted convention by offering an all-you-can-drink Four Loko night at his restaurant, Xiao Ye. Turns out, that was illegal. So he persisted in his quest and had $3 Four Loko deal instead, even boasting about it vehemently on Twitter.

The killjoys at NBC New York went undercover to see how crazy his Four Loko night would get, and found something unlike any other bar in the city: "We never observed the bartender or servers asking for ID when people ordered drinks and the party did get eventually get a little out of hand."

That night the State Liquor Authority raided the bar and dispensed of all the Four Loko. They would come back at least three times in the ensuing weeks, issuing a fine each time.

Reports Eater:

Although they did not lose their liquor license, the threat was looming, and so Huang in conjunction with his partner decided it would be best to sell the restaurant space for fear of having to continue to operate without a liquor license.