02/06/2011 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Almost Human: The 9 Laziest Attempts At Aliens In TV & Film

Science-fiction has given us classic characters, amazing monsters and the pseudo-scientific gibberish we love. But for every visually amazing interstellar stranger (Jabba the Hutt, Dr. Zoidberg), there's another one that basically looks like a human but, you know, tweaked.

It's lazy. Face it. There are numerous "near-humans" kicking about the sci-fi galaxies, notably in Star Trek (see ol' Spock, left), with a wrinkle in the forehead here, a kink in the nose there ...

Give us real alien aliens, dammit! We're worth it. And so you know the error of your ways, here are nine classic examples of blink-and-you'll-barely-notice-the-difference "aliens."