12/07/2010 10:47 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hanukkah, The Powerpoint 'Outliers'

Domenico Montenaro finds Obama's "core" not "shattered" (via Smith).

Glen Bolger guarantees Republicans will retain the House in 2012.

Nate Silver writes that the Democrats' position on tax cuts is weak.

Frank Newport reviews public opinion on Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Conservativehome surveys GOP activists on their favorite pundits (via Sullivan).

Ed Kilgore shares an analysis by Gary Segura and Matt Barreto on Latinos and the exit polls.

Andrew Gelman reviews what practitioners should know about regression analysis.

Monkey Cage hosts a roundtable this week on Larry Bartels' Unequal Democracy.

Political Scientist George Bishop convicted of stalking a stranger, faces a maximum prison sentence of 18 months; CBS News has more.

And your senior polling editor passes along Hanukkah, The Powerpoint (via Monkey Cage) and reminder to light your seventh candle tonight.