12/09/2010 12:10 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Highest-Paid College Football Coaches

Drown 'em Tide! University of Alabama's head coach, Nick Saban, has something to cheer about this year -- according to USA Today he's the highest-earning college football coach in America, with a whopping annual salary of $5.9 million.

In contrast, the nation's highest paid college president earned $2.8 million for the 2008-2009 school year.

USA Today crunched numbers with the help of Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP and the National Sports Law Institute of Marquette University Law School. They evaluated 110 of 120 head football coaches in the country, including the recently resigned Urban Meyer, who stands to make more than $4 million from the University of Florida this year.

Below, see the 13 highest-paid football coaches based on their total compensation (some coaches are afforded lucrative maximum bonuses, which can increase their salary package by hundreds of thousands of dollars.) Check out USA Today for the full list.

Do you think such generous compensation is justified, or outrageous? Weigh in below.

13 Highest Earning College Football Coaches