12/14/2010 12:29 pm ET Updated 6 days ago

Stephen Colbert Finds The Credit Card Of A Goldman Sachs Partner (VIDEO)

On Monday night Stephen Colbert revealed that he'd found the credit card of a partner at Goldman Sachs.

He opens the report by saying, "This season Americans are facing 9.8 percent unemployment. And the only chestnuts they want to see roasting on an open fire are the ones attached to Wall Street Bankers."

Colbert said he'd return the partner's card -- one one condition. Here's Colbert:

"All you have to do is come on my show and talk about Wall Street bonuses. And for incentive, each night that you don't, I will reveal one digit of your credit card number. Which, as Wikileaks has proven, is not blackmail, it's journalism."

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Found Goldman Sachs MasterCard
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