12/15/2010 12:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Honeybee' Killer: Surveillance Video, More Details On Suspect Gary Amaya Released

More bizarre details have surfaced in the recent shooting at an L.A. Tan in Orland Park, where authorities believe the fugitive "honeybee killer" was fatally shot.

In October, three men were shot, one fatally, near the Illinois-Indiana border. The shootings appeared entirely random -- one victim, a farmer, had a conversation with the shooter about honeybees before he was shot, earning the man his nickname.

Two months later, Gary Amaya was robbing an L.A. Tan location at gunpoint when a customer, Jason McDaniel, came through the door. McDaniel disarmed Amaya, and ultimately shot him twice, killing him.

Scroll down for surveillance video of McDaniel and Amaya's struggle.

Authorities now believe that Amaya is in fact the honeybee killer: the weapon used in the L.A. Tan robbery was a match to the gun used in the honeybee shootings, Amaya resembles the police sketch of the honeybee killer, and his vehicle matches the description of the one seen at the earlier shootings.

And more strange details continue to surface about Amaya's final hours.

According to Orland Park police, Amaya had solicited a prostitute on Friday night, and was in his truck with her around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday when he tried to put her in handcuffs.

The woman was able to flee, though Amaya stole her purse. As she ran away, she claims that Amaya shot at her out the window of his truck.

Her purse was recovered in Amaya's truck after the L.A. Tan shooting, just eighteen hours later.

Also yesterday, police released the surveillance video from that shooting. The tape shows Amaya, clad in black, having bound the attendant behind the counter. McDaniel enters the store, and is brought behind the counter. At one point, Amaya, having set the gun down, bends over, and McDaniel seizes his opportunity, rushing forward to strike Amaya and grab the gun.

The two men move into a hallway just out of the frame, where apparently Amaya lunges at McDaniel. A shot goes off in the ensuing struggle, Amaya is dazed, and then McDaniel shoots him in the stomach.

Watch the struggle here: