Stewart On Obama Using Clinton: His Confidence 'Borders On Delusional' (VIDEO)

Recently on "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart's material has been reminiscent of the Bush-era show, when mocking and criticizing the President was the name of the game. Perhaps it's because he's spent the last three months focusing on Congress during and after the election, but lately Stewart's been aiming his satire pretty directly at President Obama, including last night.

On Tuesday night's "Daily Show," Stewart opened up with a segment on Obama's most recent press conference, where he handed off the podium to former President Bill Clinton and excused himself to go to "one more Christmas party." Stewart couldn't believe the audacity:

"You're gonna leave that guy? The Michael Jordan of press briefings in charge, while you go to a Christmas party? You know, Mr. President, that's the kind of cool confidence that borders on delusional."

In addition to Stewart thinking it was a ballsy move, he warned Obama that he might never get the Presidency back from Clinton, who took to the press conference like he was still in office.

"Obama, what are you doing?!," Stewart said. "Do you think the kinda-handsome guy who replaced Clooney on "E.R." ever let that mother f****r back on the set?"