12/28/2010 03:19 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jane Lynch: Crowning Charmin 'King Or Queen Of The Throne' In New York City

Sue Sylvester talks a lot of crap -- and now she's hanging out at toilets.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Emmy Award winner Jane Lynch has the honor (?) of crowning the 'King or Queen of the Throne' at the Charmin public toilets in New York City, a competition that will net the loo royalty a cool $50,000.

It won't be so easy, though -- there are two rounds of competition. First, comes toilet tissue trivia, a very complicated category to be sure. Then, it moves onto the bathroom sweats: a physical challenge competition, including a Charmin stacking competition, a Charmin tossing competition, and a Charmin mummy competition.

Best of luck to those vying for the water closet crown.

For more on this epic event, head over to Entertainment Weekly.