01/04/2011 04:55 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gwen Stefani Takes Tavi Inside L.A.M.B. Studio (PHOTOS)

Well, 14-year-old style blogger Tavi has fulfilled another one of our life-long dreams: to hang out with musician-slash-designer Gwen Stefani. Teen Vogue sent the pint-sized fashionista to Gwen's L.A.M.B. studio, where they discussed everything from hair dye to the movie "Heathers."

As Tavi writes:

When the photographer suggested we look more active, Gwen would say things like, "Let me show you this purse!" in a sarcastic way that poked fun at how awkward it was to create the illusion of natural conversation through midsentence expressions. Even better was when she pointed to a botched sample bag and smiled for the camera, uttering through clenched teeth: "See these little dots? They make me want to punch someone." Her dryly humorous but composed anger reminded me of her attitude in the video for No Doubt's "Just a Girl." This isn't to say she wasn't stoked about the collection, just smart enough to care about the conditions of her designs. Excited to show it to an outsider and receive feedback, she had stories behind each piece, many of which gave African-inspired fabrics a streetwear shape. A few of my favorite things (Gwen's not the only one who can reference The Sound of Music!) included an optic bag, a butterfly-print dress, and deconstructed jeans.

Sigh. We're totally jealous of the cool girls. Here's pics of Tavi and Gwen (we're taping them in our mental lockers of yore):

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