01/07/2011 02:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kayla Martell, Bald Miss Delaware, Readies Her Wigs For Miss America Pageant (VIDEO)

Miss Delaware Kayla Martell will bring three suitcases full of costumes, gowns...and wigs to next week's Miss America pageant. The 22-year-old suffers from alopecia areata, meaning her body attacks its hair follicles, resulting in baldness.

She told ABC News, "When I go grocery shopping, when I'm out with my friends, when I'm at home, I'm without the wig. That's me. That's the real me." But she decided to don wigs for the event because, "people are so surprised to see a bald woman, let alone a bald beauty pageant contestant."

Check out what else she had to say.

(Via BellaSugar)