01/07/2011 02:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Woman Leaves Religious Sect To Pursue Her Culinary Dream (VIDEO)

Diana Rutherford, 20, has given up a lot for her job as a grill cook at Ruby Tuesday's in Times Square.

Raised within the confines of the Church Communities International, formerly known as Bruderhof, she grew up living by their rules and moving around the UK, Europe and Australia. Passionate about cooking, Rutherford decided to pursue her dream of a culinary career in the States. She took all of her savings and flew to New York.

Quickly, Rutherford realized how difficult it would be to accomplish her dream and she wound up living in a homeless shelter. Slowly, she is on her way of reaching her goal, which is to have her own apartment and to graduate from a well-respected culinary school.

Currently, she works as a cook at the shelter, The Covenant House New York, and at Ruby Tuesday's.

Watch Diana tell her story:

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