01/10/2011 12:25 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

'The Great Gatsby' In 3D? Director Baz Luhrman Considering It For Film

Even Jay Gatsby's party wasn't this excessive: director Baz Luhrman is considering making his new film version of 'The Great Gatsby,' in 3D.

Luhrman spoke at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and told The Hollywood Reporter that he was considering the technology for his movie adaptation of the classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. He's gone as far as to workshop the film in the technology.

The next 'Gatsby' is set to star Leonardo DiCaprio as the elusive millionaire, Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan and Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway, the narrator of the book.

Some consider the book, first published in 1925, the great American novel. Ironically, the book criticizes American excess, something that a 3D film version of an old classic may symbolize.

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