01/13/2011 02:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Camille Grammer: 'I'm No Longer In Love With Him' (VIDEO)

It's all over the tabloids: Kelsey Grammer left his wife, "Real Housewife" Camille, for Kayte Walsh, a 29-year-old British flight attendant whom he's now engaged to. Camille reportedly rejected Kelsey's original $30 million settlement offer, believing the absence of a prenup could net her more money in child and spousal support. Kelsey is said to have requested a quickie divorce in order to speed up his upcoming nuptials. With all the he-said she-said, it's hard to separate fact from fiction. Camille opened up to The Early Show's Chris Wragge about the perils of going through a divorce in the spotlight.

On going through a divorce on TV:

"Well, divorce in itself is so difficult to go through. I mean, anybody knows who's gone through it. It's just so hard. And then to have to play it out on some reality TV show is, again, is surreal. It's hard to show up for camera and be camera-ready when you're crying the night before."

On her settlement expectations:
"We should be coming to a settlement agreement really soon. And yes, I do have a number in mind. I would like, you know, child support and spousal support. I think that's fair."

On Kelsey's involvement with their children:
"My son Jude's been with him for the last two weeks. We decided that Jude needed to spend more time with his dad, because he was missing him. And you know, for awhile there, he wasn't. But he stepped up to the plate, and he's going to see them today."

On her love for her ex:
"When we were together, I loved my husband very much. But after everything I've been through, no. I can honestly say that I'm no longer in love with him."