01/20/2011 09:46 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

China State Visits: A Look Back At 30 Years Of U.S. Relations With China (Photos)

Whether or not Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to Washington will lead to any major breakthroughs in his nation's relationship with the U.S. remains to be seen, but the significance is nonetheless certain.

Even if President Obama's said emphasis on human rights falls on deaf ears during the summit meeting, the visit will undoubtedly be viewed as an important event toward the end of President Hu's leadership, as well as a critical opportunity for Obama to regain public support on the home front.

In the thirty years that the U.S. has enjoyed bilateral relations with China, a state visit has -- at the very least -- been prime photo opportunity for both nations' diplomats. From Carter to Obama, take a look back at a few of the better-known diplomatic meetings with Chinese leaders over the years.

China-U.S. State Visits