01/28/2011 12:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

James Molinaro Curses: Staten Island Borough President Swears On Air (VIDEO)

Staten Island Borough President, James Molinaro, inadvertently dropped a bad word live on air during a newscast on NBC New York yesterday morning.

Molinaro was on hold with the station, waiting to discuss how Staten Island was coping with this week's snow storm.

While on hold on his landline, Molinaro took a call on his cell phone. The Borough President didn't realize that he had gone from "on hold" to "on the air" when he unleashed an angry stream of unintelligible words. Unintelligible that is, except the unmistakable mother of all curse words.

"My voice must have carried over," Molinaro said. "I did use the word. To me, it is embarrassing that it was picked up on the air."

Molinaro declined to say who he was talking to on his cell phone.

WATCH the panicked faces of the morning anchors as they realized what they've just heard: