02/07/2011 01:12 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Park Slopers Have Their Nanny Do Their Food Coop Shift

Ok, so this totally comes from downtown rumor-ville as:

a. it's second hand knowledge; and
b. I don't even belong to the Park Slope Food Coop, so I have no fucking idea how it works.


One of my BREEDER friends has a new babysitter who works a few days for another family in Park Slope. And she hangs with their nanny, who hangs with all of the other neighborhood nannies. And apparently, there's this big dirty little secret amongst the Park Slope Gliterati: many of the well-to-do families in the area who have full-time help, routinely send their nannies and/or their housekeepers to do their Coop shifts.

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