02/08/2011 02:04 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bill Vidal Won't Run For Mayor

Interim Denver Mayor Bill Vidal put to rest rumors that he would run run for a full term on Tuesday.

Vidal, a life-long civil servant, was sworn in to finish now-Governor John Hickenlooper's mayoral term in January. Colleagues like City Council President Chris Nevitt described him at the time as "not a politician." Indeed, Vidal had assured for months that he would not run for a full term as mayor.

Late last week, however, the Denver Post reported that prominent members of the Denver business community were encouraging him to join a crowded field of mayoral candidates.

On Friday, he told KUSA that, given the encouragement he was getting, running for mayor was "something he'd have to consider."

On Tuesday, Vidal released a statement in which he said he was not running for a full term.

Mayoral elections will be held May 3. A runoff, if needed, will be held on June 7.

(Via KDVR)

Gaby and I have been deeply touched by the incredible outpouring of support and generous advice that we have received. It has been an honor to know that so many people who we respect and admire encouraged me to seek a full term as Mayor. Out of our deep respect for all of you, we processed all the encouraging thoughts and good wishes.

Several years ago, Gaby and I made a commitment to each other to take a sabbatical. This past summer, she kept her end of the bargain and retired from CDOT after 30 years of service. I was scheduled to leave the City last November, but out of love for our City, we postponed our plans so that I could serve as Mayor upon the outcome of the gubernatorial election. Therefore, my decision remains as I always have stated- - to honor my commitment to my wonderful wife as she has honored her commitment to me, that we would take a sabbatical once my term was completed on July 18.

As I said on January 12, in my inaugural address as Mayor, my focus for the next six months will be on meeting the great responsibilities of this office. These are challenging times as we face a significant budget deficit for a fourth consecutive year and a struggling economy that has created much hardship for many Denverites. We have much to do over the next several months.

We will steadfastly support our business community in revitalizing Denver's economy; we will ensure that the City functions cost-effectively and with the highest commitment to customer service and public safety for all of our residents and businesses; we will focus on serving our most vulnerable residents, the unemployed, the poor, the homeless, the disabled, our children and our elderly.

And we will work with devotion to ensure a smooth transition for the next mayor of Denver.

It is a privilege to serve as your Mayor. We will continue our work together to build a great future for Denver.