02/08/2011 11:55 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

From The Advocate : Can You Forgive Ted Haggard?

... Haggard isn't out to change anyone's sexual orientation. He thinks gay people can thrive at his church, which he believes has the power to change Colorado Springs: "No, I don't believe you can pray the gay away," he says. I saw the NO STONE ZONE rule duly enforced -- at least within the walls of St. James. Outside that zone Haggard lobs plenty of criticism at the evangelical powers-that-be, those who he has always thought were out to get him. "They'll always think I'm a closet homosexual. And they hate homosexuals, that crew," Haggard says of conservative para-church ministries. He readily names a list of culprits, including the Christian Broadcasting Network and Focus on the Family: "The number 1 way they can raise funds is not to encourage people to be more loving, not to encourage people to be less greedy, or to encourage people to be more kind. It's to say there's a secret homosexual agenda to siege America, and fund us so we can battle this agenda, to save the family."

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