'Ugly Americans' Star Kurt Metzger On Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson (VIDEO)

Kurt Metzger is one of those comedians who has a lot of fans in fellow comics as well as regular people, and for good reason. He's got a presence that's equal parts low brow charm and wide-eyed bewilderment, with a voice and perspective that's uniquely his own. For example, when he explains that the ancient Mayans couldn't have been right about their calendar because they didn't even have pants, the logic feels rock solid, leaving the audience wondering why they didn't think of that before. That's one of Metzger's skills as a comedian; taking you down the winding path of his own thoughts and never leaving you wondering where the hell you are.

Metzger's star has been on the rise over the last few years after appearances on "Comedy Central Presents," "Last Comic Standing" (where he was completely robbed), and as the unfortunately-zombied Randall Skeffington in Comedy Central's "Ugly Americans," about to enter its second season.

In this set from last night's "Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson," Metzger talks about why he can't wear glasses, why the Mayans didn't make calendars past 2012, and why he really, really hates Alaska.