02/08/2011 04:54 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sprint's New Dual-Screen Smartphone: Dud Or Double The Fun? (VIDEO)

The latest smartphone from mobile giant Sprint doubles down on the touchscreen and adds an extra hinge not seen in the latest crop of Android devices.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse came onstage at New York's Edison Ballroom last night following a David Blaine stunt (that involved a tank of water, a cigar, a goldfish and several napkins) to describe what he called "simul-tasking" (not to be confused with "multi-tasking.")

The new Kyocera Echo smartphone features two 3.5 inch screens that fold out into a larger tablet-like display that Sprint's marketing team claims will make us "twice as productive." The phone folds up to a nice portable size (115 by 56.5 millimeters), but what caught our eye was the robot-like hinge. Take a look for yourself, then read more about it here:


The new 3G Android 2.2 smartphone, called the Kyocera Echo, boasts a 4.7 inch display when both screens are utilized side by side--slightly less than half the iPad's display size of 9.7 inches. The Echo will go on sale this spring for $199 with a two-year contract.