02/10/2011 08:47 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Conan Unveils FIVE More Offensive Groupon Super Bowl Ads (VIDEO)


For this entire week so far, Conan O'Brien has not let go of the controversial ad campaign put out by Groupon during the Super Bowl, parodying their ads with even more offensive spoofs. On Monday night, he showed us his version of the Groupon's Tibet ad involving the Hindenberg disaster and Blimpie sandwiches.

Tuesday night, Coco unveiled two more offensive ads, this time using Osama Bin Laden to sell a night of bowling and the Native Americans' "Trail of Tears" to sell one restaurant's "Trail of Beers" special.

And last night, Conan showed us THREE more Groupon ads, even more hysterical than the previous ones. Let's just say this batch involves Saddam Hussein, the SARS virus and the Gulf oil spill, collectively.

We can't wait to see if he'll really keep this up all week. Watch Conan's first ad here and see Tuesday night's and Wednesday night's ads below.

WATCH: Tuesday night's Groupon parodies

WATCH: Wednesday night's Groupon parodies