Kinkajou Found In Texas: An Exotic Animal Mystery (VIDEO)

An exotic kinkajou named Pikachu was discovered entering a stranger's home in Texas. It's quite possibly the cutest mystery ever.

According to NBC News, the kinkajou -- an animal native to the forests of Central and South America -- was found in Johnson County, Texas trying to enter a house. The animal's feet were blistered from the cold. Officials are conducting an investigation to determine just how the animal wound up in Texas. For now, the kinkajou will remain at the Humane Society, where it is being cared for.

While kinkajous resemble primates, they are actually part of the raccoon family. According to National Geographic, they are known to raid bees' nests, using their skinny tongues to slurp honey.

This Kinkajou isn't the first exotic animal to suffer in a new climate. Attacks by pet tigers, sharks, and snakes in the U.S. have often been deemed the result of forcing animals to live in a foreign, unnatural environment. Luckily for this Kinkajou, her foreign environment is now a bit more welcoming.

WATCH the mystery of a kinkajou in Texas: