02/21/2011 08:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Olympiakos Fans Riot After 2-1 Victory Over Panathinaikos: Fans Allegedly Attack Players (VIDEO)

Olympiakos fans stormed the field and started to riot after their team beat rival Panathinaikos 2-1 on Saturday.

According to the Canadian Press, fans charged the field immediately after the final whistle and Panathinaikos players claimed that they were attacked.

35 seconds into the video, fans appear to set off gigantic fireballs in front of riot police as some of the players tried to get away from the commotion.

Panathinaikos' Djibril Cisse, one of the players who claimed he was attacked, was so angry after the game that he said he was going to leave Greece.

After Olympiakos scored the first goal in the 20th minute, the referees were forced to delay the game due to the fans lighting flares in the stands.

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