02/26/2011 09:13 am ET Updated Aug 15, 2011

Ecotourism In China: Exploring Jinbo Village's Organics, Embroidery And Culture (PHOTOS)

It may be famous in places like Costa Rica and Kenya but have you ever thought about China as an eco-destination? Ecotourism in China is exceeding rare, but it does exist. Jinbo village in Wenchuan county, Sichuan province has been offering ecotours since 2009.

With the help of social workers from Hong Kong's Polytechnic University and Guangzhou's Sun Yat Sen University, this quaint Qiang minority village produces organic produce for the fledgling Chinese organic food markets, sells its traditional embroidery around China as well hosts guests both foreign and domestic in their farmhouses that dot the mountain valley.

Although there are many ecotourism operations in China, many do not understand or totally disregard the true spirit of eco-tourism and instead focus on profit making. Most of the legitimate ecotourism operations are small and operate in Chinese only. The Jinbo village ecotourism website is here:

Check out the photos below.

About the author: Derrick Chang is a Hong Kong-based photojournalist. His work has been published in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune,, Time magazine, and other Asian publications. He also collaborates extensively with non-government organizations throughout Asia to promote humanitarian causes.