02/27/2011 01:01 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Movie Sequel Fail: 'Titanic 2' Trailer (VIDEO)

Not only is "Titanic 2" not getting any recognition at this year's Oscars, it didn't even garner a Razzie nomination, which is the true snub. The straight-to-dvd film was produced by "knockbuster" movie house The Asylum, which was also responsible for the C. Thomas Howell-helmed "The Day The Earth Stopped" franchise. One can only imagine that every time someone makes a joke about a sequel that should never be made -- "Schindler's List 2" leaps to mind -- Asylum is waiting in the wings to jump on it.

So in honor of the day when Hollywood honors its best, here's a look at its absolute worst. WATCH: