The Laundromat Project: Making Art While Clothes Tumble (VIDEO)

Why not turn laundromats into art studios? That's what Rise Wilson thought when she started The Laundromat Project, a community-based, non-profit organization that brings art to low-income neighborhoods throughout New York City.

Since 2006, The Laundromat Project has entertained thousands of New Yorkers who generally do not have access to mainstream arts and cultural facilities.

Recently, The Project received generous grants from the Andy Warhol Foundation ($75,000) and the Lambent Foundation ($50,000). Now it is preparing for a new season and looking for new artists and volunteers. Watch how the program works and what this "art to dry for" is all about:

Here are some ways to get involved:

Apply to be a Create Change Public Artist in Residence or Fellow
Volunteer at one of our weekend art workshops
Assist a Create Change Artist with their project
Send us something from our wish list online