03/10/2011 01:41 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

More Men Heading To Salon To Maintain 'Guybrows'

Today in eye-opening beauty articles: the New York Times reports that more men are hitting the salon to deal with their "guybrows." All the cool kids are doing it -- including Ryan Seacrest and David Beckham (you know Victoria runs a tight ship). And for those dudes who are scared to be seen in public participating in such an-arguably girly activity, the likes of Remington and Tweezerman have come up with lines of products suitable for the hirsute him.

Even has noticed an increase in male sales. Yes, The Times writes:

When, which sells eyebrow accouterments, started 14 years ago, a man placing an order "would be a big topic of conversation" around its office in Sumas, Wash., said Nancy Parker, a founder of the company. Today men account for about 20 percent of buyers, ordering items like the Men's Deluxe Eyebrow Grooming Kit ($47.15), which includes small brow razors, scissors, clear brow styling gel, and stencils modeled after eyebrow shapes of celebrities like Tom Cruise, Sean Connery and Denzel Washington.

Still, Ms. Parker said: "We get a lot of women phoning in for men. Their big thing is, 'My husband's eyebrows are a total mess, and I think it's affecting his career, and he needs to get this fixed.'"

What do you think of the whole thing?