03/13/2011 05:14 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Selection Sunday 2011: NCAA Tournament Brackets Announced (LIVE UPDATES)

Selection Sunday is here! The bracket for the 2011 NCAA Tournament will be announced at 6 p.m. on CBS. Which teams will earn the No. 1 seeds? Will Duke's third straight ACC tournament title give the Blue Devils one of the top seeds? Which region will Notre Dame be placed in? Which teams will get snubbed from the field of 68? Follow our live blog for updates from the NCAA Tournament selection show!

03/13/2011 6:48 PM EDT

Big East Dominates

@ NESN : NCAA Selection Sunday Live Blog: Big East Earns 11 Tournament Bids

03/13/2011 6:39 PM EDT

No Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech, Boston College and Saint Mary's did not make it. Which is the biggest snub??

03/13/2011 6:38 PM EDT

Southeast Region

No. 1 Pittsburgh will play the winner of UNC Ashville and Arkansas-Little Rock. No. 8 Butler will take on No. 9 Old Dominion. No. 5 Kansas State will play No. 12 Utah State. No 4 Wisconsin will play No. 13 Belmont. No. 2 Florida will take on No. 15 UCSB. No. 7 UCLA will play No. 10 Michigan State. No. 3 BYU will play No. 14 Wofford. No. 6 St. John's will play No. 11 Gonzaga.

03/13/2011 6:30 PM EDT

More Southwest

No. 2 Notre Dame will play No. 15 Akron. No. 7 Texas A&M will play the No. 10 Florida State Seminoles. No. 3 Purdue will take on No. 13 Saint Peter's. No. 6 Georgetown will square off against the winner of USC vs. VCU.

03/13/2011 6:28 PM EDT

Southwest Bracket

No. 1 Kansas will play No. 16 Boston University. No. 8 UNLV will play No. 9 Illinois. No 5 Vanderbilt will play No. 12 Richmond. No. 4 Louisville will play the No. 14 Morehead St Eagles.

03/13/2011 6:24 PM EDT

The NCAA Tournament Bracket So Far

@ espn : Your NCAA Tournament bracket thus far->

03/13/2011 6:22 PM EDT

Rest of the West

No. 7 Temple will play No. 10 Penn State. No. 3 UConn will play No. 14 Bucknell. No. 6 Cincinnati will play No. 11 Missouri.

03/13/2011 6:21 PM EDT

More West

No. 5 Arizona will meet No. 12 Memphis. No. 4 Texas will play No. 13 Oakland out of the Summit League. No. 2 San Diego St will play No. 15 Northern Colorado.

03/13/2011 6:19 PM EDT

West Region

Duke will play the Hampton Pirates in the first round. No. 8 Michigan will play No. 9 Tennessee.

03/13/2011 6:18 PM EDT

West Region coming up

East Region has been announced. Ohio State and North Carolina are the top 2 seeds. 4 Big East teams made it. Georgia and UAB were surprise selections. Xavier earned the No. 6 seed.