03/15/2011 03:46 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

East Hollywood Rum And Dive Bars

Story courtesy of City's Best

By Katherine Spiers

Hollywood may have a reputation for glitz and glamour, but it doesn't always hold true. And that reputation certainly doesn't have anything to do with the area unofficially known as East Hollywood, a quieter area between Hollywood proper and the upscale residential areas of Los Feliz and Silver Lake. The bars in this area are low-key and quirky, and have barely been colonized by mixologists and the high heel-clad -- though that is slowly appearing. Here are the more interesting night spots to cool your heels in East Hollywood.

Three Clubs: This bar with a sizable dance floor and occasional live music has been around forever -- well, at least long enough that it was featured in "Swingers," the movie that put this area on the cultural map (read more about it here). The only rule is: Don't wear shorts. Otherwise, Three Clubs is as kick-back as they come.
1123 Vine St.; 323-462-6441

White Horse Inn:
Yes, it's on the ground floor of a Super 8 Motel. What of it? The White Horse Inn's gregarious Eastern European owner/bartender will make sure you have all the microwaved hot dogs and popcorn you can eat, and there's usually a couple boxes of cookies out, too. You know, for energy between games of pool.
1532 N. Western Ave.; 323-462-8088

Jumbo's Clown Room
: It's a strip club, but with more of a friendly-neighborhood vibe than a sleazy one. At Jumbo's, the girls don't take their tops off (that's the trade for a full bar), and they focus more on performance than titillation. There is popping and locking, routines choreographed to the Clash, and props up on that stage. Just be sure to tip!
5153 Hollywood Blvd.; 323-666-1187

La Descarga:
This oddly-named hideaway is real Hollywood's first real attempt at appropriating the area. La Descarga is an old-Havana themed bar; here, smoking is part of the ambiance and the drinks are rum-based and expensive. A lot of noise is made about guest lists and reservations, but since the initial hype has cooled, getting in shouldn't be a problem (gaining entry will surprise you!). Just come for the trippy decor, the live Cuban band and the floor show.
1159 N. Western Ave.; 323-466-1324