03/16/2011 04:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Darren Aronofsky On Todd Barry: He Was The Original 'Black Swan' (VIDEO)

If you saw Todd Barry's searing performance in the "The Wrestler" you've probably been wondering why Darren Aronofsky never thought to build a whole movie around him. Well, the fact is, he did.

"Black Swan" was originally entitled "The Deli Manager" and it was set to star Todd Barry, reprising his role from Aronofsky's previous film. But movie's sometimes take on a life of their own, and such was the case here. After filming had commenced, Aronofsky found his inspiration shifting away from Barry and towards one of the supporting actors in "The Deli Manager," which ultimately lead to creative changes that cut Barry from the film entirely.

But now, Aronofsky has come forward with the story, and has revealed the few precious scenes from "The Deli Manager" that were ever completed.