03/17/2011 09:16 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Evelyn Freay, Newark Passenger, Slips Through Security With Steak Knife

A Florida mother discovered she had a steak knife in her 1-year-old son's carriage AFTER she made it through security at Newark Airport on Wednesday, the New York Post reports.

When Evelyn Freay, 37, of Miami Lakes, Florida, discovered the knife, she told a JetBlue worker. She later told TSA agents that it was put in the carriage by her mom to cut up an apple for her son.

Freay wasn't charged with any crime and was allowed to board another flight.

When Huffington Post Travel asked the TSA for comment, spokeswoman Ann Davis said that the "matter is under review by TSA management at Newark Liberty."

Yet this isn't the first time that a situation like this has arisen at New York-area airports. Earlier this month, a man got past TSA workers at JFK airport with box cutters (the same objects that were used on 9/11); while another slipped past security with a stolen boarding pass, also at JFK.