03/17/2011 08:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tiger Woods And Jimmy Fallon Talk Scandal Jokes, New Video Game On 'Late Night' (VIDEO)

Tiger Woods was a guest on Wednesday's "Late Night," his first appearance on a Late Night comedy show since 2009.

Jimmy Fallon immediately asked Woods what he has been up to during the last year and a half. The golf star laughed and said he was "playing bad golf."

Fallon then thanked Tiger for coming on the show and for providing his monologue writers with plenty of jokes during his scandal.

"Thank you for having the courage to come on a late-night comedy program, because it must have been a painful and awful situation, the whole thing you went through," Fallon said. "But from a comedian's standpoint and my monologue writers, thank you! So much! It kind of wrote itself. I mean, balls, shafts, holes, foursomes. It really writes itself. Thank you! Thank you!"

The two also discussed Tiger's home and his new video game "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters."

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