03/23/2011 03:00 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Joseph Lozito Sues City For Not Helping Him Take Down Alleged Stabber Maksim Gelman

A man's lawyer says his client was seriously wounded because transit cops weren't fast on their feet.

Joseph Lozito allegedly took down suspected murderer Maksim Gelman, stopping what cops say was a 28-hour rampage that resulted in four deaths.

From the Daily News:

Joseph Lozito, 40, was in the front car of an uptown No. 3 train traveling between 34th and 42nd Sts. on Feb. 12 when Maksim Gelman marched down the aisle threatening to kill, said his lawyer Edmond Chakmakian.

Two transit cops locked themselves in the train's front room with the conductor and didn't immediately open the door when straphangers called for help, because they thought the madman had a gun, Chakmakian said.

Gelman allegedly stabbed Lozito six times, seriously injuring him, before Lozito used a leg sweep to incapacitate the alleged killer.

Lozito is suing the city, claiming his injuries could have been prevented if transit cops had acted more swiftly.

Gelman was arraigned on murder charges last month. He's being held without bail and has told reporters that he's being set up.