03/24/2011 02:52 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Kevin Smith, Adam Carolla & Jason Mewes In All-Male Smodcast Threesome (NSFW VIDEO)

Podcast worlds have been colliding all week with Adam Carolla making appearances both on Marc Maron's WTF podcast and Kevin Smith's Smodcast.

Carolla joined Smith and Jason Mewes in a sort of homo-bro-rotic discussion about the confusing rules governing masturbation amongst male roommates. Carolla also gave an insightful explanation of what could potentially go wrong during a three-way involving another man. Note to women who have tried to interest their significant others in such an endeavor: it may not be the presence of another man that's the problem, but the lack of "rifling" action in the male anatomy.

Look, we told you this wasn't safe for work. One other warning: you will have the Smodcast theme song trapped in your head after watching this.