03/25/2011 11:23 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Facebook Revamps Questions: Here's What's New

Facebook has retooled and relaunched their Questions feature as a recommendation engine.

According to a blog post from Facebook, the change comes from Facebook's understanding that "friends are often the best source of advice when you're trying new things: Where should I go to dinner? How do I go buy a car? What new music should I check out? Friends know your tastes, and you have confidence in their opinions."

Questions began as a more general feature where users could ask just about anything and have friends answer.

But Facebook "noticed that people were frequently asking for opinions" or "hoping to learn about their friends." Since looking for a great restaurant in town, or trying to learn about a friend's childhood aren't answers found through experts, Facebook takes the stance that friends--rather than experts--can provide the most useful and relevant answers.

The new version of Questions is faster and simpler than its predecessor. Unlike its previous incarnation, Questions now lets users set up a poll with fixed answers or leave the question open ended, depending on the kind of question it is.

Rather than keeping Questions as a separate page, the feature now works on profile pages, and within newsfeeds. Also, when a friend answers, the question is posted to his or her profile, and their friends can also answer the question, though Facebook filters results so friends' answers (rather than friends of friends') appear first.

Though the earlier version of Questions has been available to a small group of users since the summer, Facebook is now rolling it out to all users. You can find out more about it here.