03/26/2011 10:53 am ET Updated May 26, 2011

Tom Hanks On '30 Rock': Star Tweets Guest Appearance

In its five seasons, "30 Rock" has had some big guest stars. It's about to get its biggest.

Tom Hanks announced on Twitter Friday night that he would be appearing on the NBC comedy in an unknown role. "RadioMan delivers msg from T.Fey. Result? I'm on 30 Rock! Thanks, RMan Hanx," the Oscar winner wrote.

Radio Man refers to the homeless man that often camps outside David Letterman's "Late Show" studios; Fey, the star and head writer of "30 Rock," posed for a picture with him while at the studio earlier this week.

Fey has had a number of high profile guest stars play her unsuccessful love interests on the show, with John Hamm, Matt Damon and Michael Sheen each getting a recurring role arc as they tried to romance the helpless Liz Lemon. No word on whether Hanks will take on the challenge of being Liz Lemon's next man, or if he'll take on a more quirky role such as James Franco's body pillow-loving otaku character, who used Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) as his fake girlfriend.

Will Arnett and Elizabeth Banks currently have regular, recurring roles on the show; Arnett plays Devin Banks, rival to Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), while Banks plays his wife.

Hanks broke out as a star on television, on the early 1980's show "Bosom Buddies." He now is involved in executive producing a number of HBO specials, including Emmy winners such as "The Pacific," and "John Adams."

On the big screen, Hanks recently signed on to play Somali pirate-battling Navy captain, Richard Phillips, in 'A Captain's Duty," and is starring in "Larry Crowne," a romantic comedy with Julia Roberts that he also wrote and is directing. He's also in the midst of filming the big screen adaptation of the book "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," with Sandra Bullock.