03/27/2011 11:52 am ET Updated May 27, 2011

Should Student Athletes Share In The Profits?

Let's talk about student athletes.

With March madness at its peak right now this topic probably doesn't seem like all that much of a stretch to you, but you might be surprised by the direction this topic is going in...

Should student athletes be paid?

Jalen Rose, ESPN/ABC studio analyst, member of University of Michigan's Fab Five, and the writer of this piece seems to think so. And while my first response to that question was an undignified snort, I have to say that after reading his points, I might be reconsidering my stance.

My immediate reaction was absolutely not. Sports are an extracurricular activity that students choose to take part in. Just like the school paper or honors societies or student government. They do is because they enjoy it. Or if they don't have a love of the game, they're often very good at the game, and they do it because they get a scholarship for playing that game. Full tuition paid? A free education? That was their payment. What more could they possibly need?

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