03/29/2011 09:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sarah Palin: Obama's Libya Speech Was 'Profoundly Disappointing' (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin appeared unimpressed by President Obama's national address on the military action in Libya Monday, telling Fox News in a followup interview that the message of the speech was "profoundly disappointing."

During her appearance, Palin accused the president of uncovering a "dodgy" and "dubious" foreign policy plan that was "full of chaos and questions." Furthermore, she said, it ran counter to what she saw as the fundamental goal of removing Gaddafi by force.

"We're not hearing from our president what is the end-game here," Palin charged. "And with Gaddhafi still in power, if we're not going to oust him via killing or capturing, then there is not an acceptable end-state."

Palin also challenged what she called "inconsistencies" with the perceived message of the engagement, questioning why, if American troops were being sent to Libya on a humanitarian mission, they weren't also being dispatched to places such as Darfur, North Korea or Syria.

As a whole, the former Alaska governor seemed unsatisfied with the president's explanation of the Libyan intervention, as well as with Obama's larger insistence on seeking international approval and cooperation in conducting the operation.

"He did not make the case for this intervention. U.S. interests have got to be met if we are going to intervene. And U.S. interests can't just mean validating some kind of post-American theory of intervention wherein we wait for the Arab League and the United Nations to tell us 'thumbs up America, you can go now, you can act', and then we get in the back of the bus and we wait for NATO, we wait for the French to lead us. That's not inspirational."

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