03/30/2011 12:00 pm ET Updated May 30, 2011

Los Angeles Animal Rescue Of The Week: Karma Rescue

When Rande Levine was volunteering at one of LA's animal rescue organizations, she came across an email about a dog named Gracie. Someone had thrown acid in her face and then dropped her at a shelter to be euthanized, but Levine stepped in and rescued her. From that point, Levine decided to save as many dogs as possible from being euthanized at high-kill LA shelters, and she started Karma Rescue in 2003.

Karma Rescue has since grown, launching its Education Program in 2007. The organization now works with schools, libraries and other non-profit groups around LA in order to inform children and members of the community about animal rescue, the benefits of adopting animals, animal overpopulation, and the importance of volunteering in the community. The foundation also educates high schoolers about issues like breed stereotypes, animal abuse, and dog-fighting.

Recently, the organization established two more programs aimed at helping animals: the Cody Fund and Project Coco. "The Cody Fund is an on-going initiative established to care for and rehabilitate those dogs with special needs," says Levine. "As a Los Angeles area rescue, we at times come across a dog that requires specialized attention and intense medical care. Whether it is the result of neglect, abuse or congenital issues, Karma Rescue feels compelled to take action in these cases." Project Coco aims to educate and help improve the lives of animals in substandard living conditions with owners who are "not necessarily unkind people but rather people who lacked the information and the means to provide a better life for their animals."

In 2010 Karma Rescue was voted "Best Dog Adoption" by LA Magazine. The foundation hopes to continue saving as many dogs and educating as many people as possible.