03/30/2011 04:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tim Tebow Jockey Ad Released (VIDEO)

Jockey has released the first in what figures be an extended line of ads staring Denver Broncos quarterback Time Tebow.

Tebow, who just completed his rookie year with the Broncos, was a hot commodity for ad executives before he ever stepped on the field. Last May, just weeks after the Broncos drafted him in the first round of the NFL draft, Tebow claimed that he had already turned down 7-figure endorsement deals.

In July, the former Heisman Trophy winner signed a multi-year deal with Jockey to be the face of Jockey's new staycool line of underwear.

On Wednesday, Jockey released the first television ad promoting the line. The commercial features Tebow walking through a hot summer street in a Jockey staycool shirt highlighted by cooling imagery

"The commercial is part of a larger integrated campaign to support Jockey staycool, and reinforce our commitment to offering cutting-edge products to our customers," Jockey Chief Marketing Officer Dustin Cohn said in a statement.

Tebow is expected to compete for the Broncos' starting quarterback position in the event the NFL lockout is resolved in time for a 2011 season.