03/30/2011 04:52 pm ET Updated May 30, 2011

Worker Skips Mega Millions Lottery Pool, Misses Out On $16 Million Cut

If he didn't feel lucky before, he certainly doesn't now.

From the New York Post:

A hapless state information-technology worker who usually joined his office lottery pool took a pass last week -- only to learn that seven positive-thinking pals nailed a whopping $319 million Mega Millions jackpot, said a deli owner who knows the winners.

"The word is that when they were going around the office asking who wanted in on the pool, one guy said no, that he wasn't feeling lucky," said Jill Cook, who co-owns TCook's Deli in Albany, "where the winners are lunchtime regulars," according to the Post. "They asked him twice. They said, 'Are you sure?' and he said yeah, he was going to pass this time. I feel horrible for him."

The worker would have won $16 million after taxes if he had chipped into the pool. The winners reportedly worked in IT for the state Homes and Community Renewal agency.

The seven winners of the multimillion dollar jackpot will be announced on Thursday, as part of a public presentation. the Post reports.

The now millionaires have been difficult to track down since it was announced on Saturday that the winning ticket was sold at Coulson's News Center in Albany.