03/31/2011 12:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Maddow Delves Into The Murky World Of Pronunciation (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow was stunned on Tuesday, when she discovered that a conservative think tank was targeting professors who used her name in emails. By Wednesday, Maddow had moved on to the equally important issue of how the think tank, the Mackinac Center, pronounced its name.

Basically, Maddow got the name wrong, pronouncing it essentially as it's spelled, instead of the correct way, which is "Mackinaw." She owned up to this mistake, saying that Michiganders had pelted her with a "rain of hellfire" for getting it wrong. Then, Maddow opened the floor to her viewers, asking them to submit their favorite surprisingly-pronounced place names, including Boca Raton, Pierre, and even Maryland. Maddow gleefully ran down a long list of this, and then took viewers on a tour of various websites that help people with their pronunciation. Also, she revealed that she can only say the word "procurement" one way: slowly.

Watch Maddow's report below, and tell us some of your favorite surprisingly-pronounced names in the comments!


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