04/01/2011 03:21 pm ET Updated Jun 01, 2011

20-Year-Old Megan Donovan Accused Of Having Sex With 13-Year-Old Boy (VIDEO)

The lawyer for a Long Island woman charged with statutory rape said the alleged victim is lying.

From the Staten Island Advance:

A romance between a 20-year-old woman and a 13-year-old boy has ended with the woman in handcuffs on statutory rape charges, after the teen's mother found out the two had sex, authorities allege.

As law enforcement sources tell it, Ms. [Megan] Donovan is a friend of the teen's sister, and the two struck up a romance.

The couple allegedly had sex on Tuesday, but after the boy bragged to friends, his mom found out and called police, authorities said.

Police claim to have discovered text messages between Donovan and the boy discussing the act.

Donovan's lawyer, Mark Geisser said the boy's claims are false.

"He has a crush on her," Geisser said. "He's told people she's his girlfriend. He has a rich imagination, an overactive imagination."

Geisser also noted that the accuser's mother was recently indicted for perjury.

Gothamist took a stroll through Donovan's Facebook profile for some insight into the accused:

Her Facebook also says that she is a Republican whose interests include "Drinking." She also mentions her penchant for Disney movies, which makes us think this 13-year-old was probably a little old for her.

WATCH footage of Donovan in cuffs: