04/01/2011 06:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

iPad X-Ray Hack: April Fools Prank Or Tech Trick? (VIDEO)

All it takes to have X-ray vision is little saran wrap, an ifrared light, and an iPad.

At least that's what Expansys blogger Jason Bradbury wants you to believe in his latest video, suspiciously released on April Fools' Day.

Bloggers across the Web, including Cult of Mac's Buster Heine, quickly called this video a hoax:

The best part of the hack is that you don’t need any type of training in radiology as it is incredibly simple and utilizes everyday household objects (infrared light and cellophane) to make it work .... And happy April 1.

Watch the footage and decide for yourself:

Forbes' Andy Greenberg isn't falling for the trick -- yes, looks like it's a trick -- but does offer readers a useful guide to homemade X-ray vision, even if you don't have an iPad.