3-Year-Old Killed For Throwing Out Parents' Game System

This is not the first case of video games resulting in child abuse, but it's certainly despicable.

An Osaka, Japan mother is being charged with the alleged murder of her 3-year-old daughter after the girl apparently threw out her gaming system, according to the Mainichi Daily News. When the girl discarded the system (make and model have not been identified) and other possessions of her mother's, the 26-year-old parent apparently responded with an incredibly harsh punishment.

From Kotaku:

"Even when we scolded her, she didn't listen," said Tanaka, "so we put her in a bag."

The mother didn't act alone. Along with her 20 year-old boyfriend, Tanaka taped her daughter's hands and feet and stuck her in a plastic bag. The autopsy report says the little girl died of suffocation.

While the couple is now in police custody, they claim they didn't mean to kill the girl. But according to Kotaku the mother may have a bit of a history. "Even if this kid died, I wouldn't cry," she allegedly wrote online last year.