04/04/2011 04:39 pm ET Updated Jun 04, 2011

Anna Dello Russo's Tips For Met Gala Attendees: Haute Couture, No iPhone Pics

The one, the only Anna Dello Russo will be attending this year's Costume Institute Gala at N.Y.C.'s Metropolitan Museum of Arts for the very first time. And she thinks it's more glamorous than the Oscars. Agreed.

We can't imagine the effort going into finding an outfit for the Vogue Nippon editor at large (but we do realize the search will most likely terminate in dancing naked by candlelight prior to dressing, as Anna is wont to do).

ADR took to her blog to offer up her top ten rules for Met Gala-ing, you know, should you have a ticket. Here are our faves:

  • Opt for the HAUTE COUTURE. You only live once!
  • Choose a long evening GOWN. Unless you don't have the Giselle's body. not wear a short dress!
  • Strictly: JEWEL-CLUTCH in hand.
  • Leave your WATCH at home, even if precious, cause it may be unkind to those who invited you.
  • Rigorously forbidden to take iPhone pics at VIP'S and CELEBS!

Rigorously forbidden? We hope she doesn't remember that time we begged her to take a TwitPic with us at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show. Tsk tsk, us. We've always had dubious manners.

Read the rest at Anna's blog.