04/05/2011 09:14 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lawrence O'Donnell Shocked To Agree With Glenn Beck Over Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Lawrence O'Donnell found himself in shocked agreement with Glenn Beck about Donald Trump.

Last Friday, Beck told Bill O'Reilly that Trump was making him "uncomfortable" with his birther comments, and that the country didn't need a "showboat" to run for president.

On his Monday show, O'Donnell found himself in the unusual position of siding with Beck. He called Beck "the voice of sanity" for "the first time ever," and marveled that Beck "hit Trump as hard as he could."

"This is the rewrite I never expected to have to do," he said. "We have to rewrite Glenn Beck as being capable of...small flashes of sanity. Glenn Beck, in fact, is now the wisest entertainer at Fox News on the matter of Donald Trump."


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